Role of producers

The APPLiA Hungary Society (earlier known as CECED Hungary Society) manufacturers contribute to the collection and environmentally friendly processing of electronic waste by the following activities:

  • to comply with their statutory obligations, they financed and operated until December 31, 2012 the collection and processing of electronic waste through ELECTRO-COORD Hungary Nonprofit Kft as a coordinating organization;
  • From January 1, 2013 (from then on, the legislation changed so that the system for the collection and processing of e-waste was no longer operated by the manufacturers’ coordinating organizations but became a public task) after every electronic appliance sold in Hungary, they will pay to the state budget the environmental product fee. This rate is HUF 57 per kg in 2017;

The APPLiA Hungary Society manufacturers:

  • as professional partners to competent ministries and authorities they offer help in legislation, and they comment on and help organize professional programs;
  • since 2014, the APPLiA Hungary Society has been the professional partner of the Háztartási Nagygépek Csereprogram (HGCS 2017) (Replacement of Large Domestic Appliances Program) organized under the Otthon Melege Program (Warmth of Home Program), and so it operates the www.csereprogram.huinformation website;
  • they have established, operated and updated the / Specialties/Electronic Waste informational website where all current information related to e-waste can be found;
  • publishing a quarterly web newsletter available to everyone, informing the audience about the current topics;
  • the Forgó Morgó (Cycle Michael) program was set up and continued for the purpose of environmentally conscious information and education.

Please note that the Hungarian e-waste legislation (Government Decree Nr. 197 of 2014) requires producers to provide consumers with detailed information on products and e-waste collection. The legislation however enables producers to jointly develop a website for providing such information, and use the proper link to that site. APPLiA Hungary developed webpage that fully covers all information obligations. That link can be used by manufacturers member to APPLiA Hungary.

Please contact us if you are interested in using the link!