Replacement program

The Ministry of National Development has published a tender for adult natural persons to increase the energy efficiency of Hungarian households.

The “Háztartási Nagygépek Cseréje Alprogram” (HGCS 2017)(Replacement of Large Household Appliances Subprogram), announced in 2017 under the “Otthon Melege Program” (Warmth of Home Program) aims to support the replacement of old energy-guzzler large household appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washing machines and washer-drying machines) in Hungary with highly energy-efficient, new appliances.

APPLiA Hungary has been supporting the replacement programs since the launch, as of 2014, as a professional partner of the Ministry of National Development and the tender manager NFSI.

For the previous programs, see the table below:

Year Appliances Total funds under the tender (HUF) Number of targeted households (approx.)
2014 refrigerators, freezers 690 million 23 000
2015 washing machines 2 billion 44 000
2016 refrigerators, freezers 2 billion 46 000

Source: NFM, NFSI

You can find all the details on the application at, which we have specifically created for this purpose.