Repairmen education

Many of Hungarians have already experienced that if a domestic appliance breaks down, it is not so easy to call a repairman. Many times, only after a long wait time does the help arrive, and this is a lot of nuisance.

We understand that this is an annoyance to every Hungarian!

But unfortunately, we, manufacturers are not in an easy position either … The experienced colleagues in the domestic appliance profession are slowly retiring, and the younger generation is not interested in the profession. In the last decade, therefore, there were not many training courses. But if there were, their curriculum would have been rather out-of-date. Because let’s face it, the world of machines has changed a lot in the 21st century.

So, two years ago, we decided that this must stop! We have to change! We have created the professional team of APPLiA Hungary, which has been working for nearly two years to set up a new career model, a repairman training based on a completely new professional foundation.

What happened so far?

  • We have elaborated the legal foundations of the domestic appliance service technician training: the vocational and examination requirements and the framework curriculum of the one-year training, consisting of 6 modules.
  • We contacted the officials of the Ministry for National Economy who provided us with their support.
  • Two vocational schools help our work from the education side, the new training courses will be launched here first, expected in the 2017/18 academic year:
  • at the Mechatronic Vocational High School in Budapest, and
  • at Liska József High School in Jászberény, .
  • We also contacted our service partners and subcontractors to inform them about our plans and to involve them in achieving common goals so that they can help us with their suggestions and needs.

APPLiA Hungary Society Service Conference

On May 11, 2017, the APPLiA Hungary Society organized a conference for manufacturer service partners at Rubin Hotel in Budapest. The professional content and the planned realization of the domestic appliance technician training were presented to the colleagues.

At the conference dr. Andrea Hafiek, Head of Department, of the Ministry for National Economy, delivered a presentation on the planned transformation of the vocational training system and the most important tasks.

In the course of the interactive consultation following the presentations, the participants contributed with suggestions and comments for the more efficient planning of the courses.

  • We started to develop a textbook manual containing advanced professional knowledge, which is planned for testing for the 2017/18 academic year.
  • We started to develop the professional content of a shorter B training course.
  • We started to gather the appliances needed to equip the two schools from the manufacturers of the APPLiA Hungary Society.

We have already accomplished a lot, but maybe even more is ahead of us … But we are ready for the challenges!