Refrigerate smarter!

The new EU waste management regulation in effect as of May 30, 2018 under the aegis of circular economy calls upon member states to support the reduction of food waste. It is our common goal to halve the amount of food wasted per person by 2030, and to reduce food waste among all members of the food chain.

Several articles inform us about the amounts of food going to waste per person in each year also in Hungary.

Fortunately, there are also initiatives and programmes with the aim of changing this: for example, the goal of the Without leftover! campaign launched with the support of the EU LIFE programme in 2016 is to reduce the waste of households with 8% by 2020.

APPLiA Hungary also aims to join the line of good examples with the Refrigerate smarter! programme, as food waste is highly related to the unconscientious and/or not well-planned use of refrigerators and freezers. Therefore, the main element of the campaign will be the smart use of refrigerators; however, advice related to cleverly planned shopping, as well as tips and recommendations concerning the utilisation of leftovers will also be included amongst the messages.

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