Our leaders

Our organization is run by a director, elected from the representatives of the members by the general meeting on a rotational basis every two years or one. On 14 March, 2018 Zsolt Belényesi, the Sales Division Manager of Electrolux Lehel Kft. was elected to represent the organisation as director. 

For operational management, as of January 1, 2005, APPLiA Hungary’s sole employee, Fanni Mészáros, company manager, is responsible.

Our senior officers cannot always get rid of the world of home appliances even in their free time.

With decades of tennis competitions behind her, Fannihas moved from the world of sports to the word of appliances, so to say. In addition to tennis, she also likes to take a walk or bicycle in the woods and fields.

She even challenges the depths of the sea if she wants some special recreation. But, of course, she cannot escape her destiny: besides the marvelous living creatures of the sea, she sometimes finds a washing machine. Fortunately, she always has her favorite camera to capture all the important moments so she can explain to the enthusiastic diver novices that the deep sea is no place for electronic waste!

Zsolt was spending all his carrier with sales of household appliances, though he was happy to experience more of the Italian, Korean and Swedish cultures. In his opinion, the first two had better cuisine and the last one had better business management style. He likes tennis similar to Fanni but strictly playing on amateur level as well as the sea which does not involve scuba-diving but the white sandy beach, the turquoise water and the shade of the Palms. He is happy to see that the blood is thicker than water: his grandchild’s favorite game is pulling the vacuum cleaner through the flat and also loading and unloading the washing-machine, so the profession will continue in the forthcoming generation…