History of refrigerants

For the operation of some of our household appliances – our refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners and heat pump dryers – our manufacturers use a special material, called refrigerating agent.


The refrigerating agent is a material that can deliver heat from a low temperature location to a high temperature location.

Who would not have heard that this refrigerant in the old refrigerators was freon! Yes, indeed, for a long time, until the mid-90s, manufacturers used freon. However, the freons have been found to damage the ozone layer and have therefore been banned.

What happened after the freons? What kind of refrigerants are included in our household machines today? What do we need to know about these special materials?

The CECED Hungary Society’s study answers these questions among others. Learn the history of refrigerants: their past, present, and future.

(Source of pictures on this page: http://kcd-elements.tumblr.com/)

Please note that the study is currently available only in Hungarian.