Get to know us

The APPLiA Hungary Society is a professional association of domestic electronic appliance manufacturers, which now represents 17 companies and more than 25 leading brands of household appliances.

On September 21, 2004, we founded CECED HungaryDomestic Equipment Producing and Distributing Interest Grouping and Representing Society, on behalf of eleven household appliance manufacturers and distributors.

Ten years later, on our meeting held on 10 December 2014, we decided that as of January 1, 2015, members of CECED Hungary Society could not only be household appliance manufacturers and distributors, but manufacturers and distributors of any electronic device (e.g. domestic, entertaining, IT, lighting) can join our organization as a member.

The full name of CECED Hungary has changed accordingly to the CECED Hungary Electronic Equipment Producing and Distributing Interest Grouping and Representing Society.

On 21 March, 2018, following the reveal of our European organisation, that became APPLiA Europe, we went through a rebranding process, and our organisation turned from CECED Hungary to APPLiA Hungary.

Over the years, several manufacturers have joined us, there are currently 17 members.

APPLiA Europe

Our organization is a member of the European organisation, the APPLiA Europe (previously known as European Committee of Domestic Equipment Manufacturers, CECED – Conseil Européen de la Contruction d’appareils Domestiques). The organisation was founded in 1958. Since 1997, the organization represents the interests of its members in Brussels in the European institutions. The industry employs 200,000 people directly and makes a turnover of 35 billion a year. Members produce and distribute large household appliances (e.g. refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, dishwashers), household utensils (e.g. kitchen robot machines, vacuum cleaners) and heating and cooling appliances, mainly for household use.

We are proud of being a member of a recognized European organization with such a long history!

Organizational structure

The main body of our society is the general meeting which holds a regular meeting twice a year, in May and December.

Our organization is run by a director, elected from the representatives of the members by the general meeting on a rotational basis every two years or one. Since 1 July, 2020 Attila Gerzsei (Hisense Europe, Group Customer Service Director – Europe, Russia, CIS and ASKO Australia) has been leading the organisation as director.

For operational management, as of January 1, 2005, APPLiA Hungary’s sole employee, Fanni Mészáros, registered representative, is responsible.

The professional activity is supported by working groups consisting of employees of the members, and occasionally of invited external experts.


We have chosen the interest grouping as the organizational form of our operation. Although under the law, the interest grouping is a business association, in practice we operate in the same way as a nonprofitorganization. This means that our costs are financed from members’ annual membership fees and business activities can only be carried out as a secondary activity, supporting the primary purpose of the organization and the professional representation.

If at the end of the year there is a small reserve from annual membership fees or other revenues, it will relieve the burden of the next year’s budget, so it is not shared among the members, but will fund our next year’s costs.

Our activities

This year we deal with many policy areas and we are participating in many programs.

Policy areas

Currently we are dealing with these main policy areas:

1. Electronic waste (including refrigerants)

2. Energy efficiency

  • Ecodesign
  • Energy label
  • CO2-studies

3. Circular economy

  • Circular society
  • Reuse
  • Durability

In this professional matters, we try to:

  • assist the work of ministries, authorities or even EU bodies with professional information, to work together to develop EU and national regulations, on the one hand;
  • produce professional guides that make it easy to understand and make the practice and regulations, relevant to the particular field, transparent, on the other hand.

We hope that the information on our website will be useful and interesting!


We are currently working on or participating in the following programs as a professional collaborative partner:

  1. Replacement program
  2. Repairman education
  3. Donation program
  4. Awareness raising

When developing our programs, we are guided by the principle of teamwork and co-operation. We try to “widen our perspective” and find solutions in which all the participants involved find their own calculations. We believe that we can achieve some goals together easier, and we can reach some goals only together.

The participants of 21st century have to face many new challenges. Of course, everyone has their own challenges: consumers, market players, as well as legislators. But in a way, we are all participants of the same big system that we call the consumer society. Today, consumerism is criticized by almost everybody, but, honestly, almost everyone is enjoying the benefits.

We want to open new ways with our programs. New ways of understanding each other, common action for the common goals and sustainability.

We hope that you will be with us on this journey!