During the last years of replacement programs, we have always thought of those who need help: families in need and family supporting organizations and hospitals.

In 2014, 20 energy-saving refrigerators, while in 2015, 15 modern washing machines were donated to poor families and to homes helping the needy with the help of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid. In 2016, applying to the tender “Fogadj örökbe egy helyiséget!” (Adopt a room!) of the Szent Margit Hospital in Budapest, we replaced the hospital’s oldest 14 refrigerators with new energy-saving appliances.

Based on indications from the organizations helping people in need and from donations to CECED Hungary, we clearly see that there is a need for further assistance, even if it is not a brand-new appliance.

We have come up with the idea if we can choose from the washing machines which were replaced under the 2017 replacement program some that are still in a good condition and can be used after smaller, economically feasible renovations, instead of old, energy-guzzler washing machines for a longer time.

We hope that we will succeed, and many families and family helping organizations will be able to get new washing machines.

And last but not least, we can contribute to the success of the “Otthon Melege Program” and to the realization of circular economy with additional energy savings!

We plan to renovate and donate washing machines under this year’s replacement program.