Circular society

The APPLiA Hungary Society is a real circular society! We are very happy that many of our activities contributes to the establishment of the circular economy. We back up our activities and our studies with regular consumer surveys carried out by GFK Hungary.


Our research on reuse analyses consumer habits and the economic environment, and compares the Hungarian opportunities with Western European solutions.


Our repairmen education program aims at tackling the fastly growing challenge of the lack of repairmen, and providing long term solution for efficient repair services.


We know that durability and obsocescence are today the most interesting topics for everyone, and therefore they are in the top focus of the circular economy. In our study we analyse pros and cons and deliver facts. We hope that with this joint brainstorming we can help everyone to get to his/her conclusion more easily.

Awareness raising

We know that we have an obligation! An obligation of providing all important information to our consumers, our households, the Hungarian families and children. Information that helps them being well up in the difficult applicable legislations, and being ready to be a real friend of the environment. 

Our Cyle Michael and Recycle Michael programs target the young generation, our renewed Hungarian website provides detailed information on the various policy areas (e-waste, energy efficiency and the circular economy), and also practical tips about how to buy, use, and maintain the appliances at home.

We are proud of being such a circular society!

Are you with us?