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Soon the first students will complete the new repairman training

The domestic appliance service technician training developed by the professional working group of APPLiA Hungary in the last years has been launched in September 2018, organized by the Member Institution of the Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and József Liska Secondary School of Jászberény (Liska Vocational School). During the academic year, the work of the students […]

Surprise for World Water Day!

For this year’s World Water Day, we launched our new website for children, parents and teachers, The website contains the stories of the recently published storybook Is It Possible? (Lehetséges?), as well as many more interesting and useful pieces of information related to the stories. Hope you will like it! (The site is Hungarian […]

Our new storybook, Is It Possible (Lehetséges?), has been released!

On March 9, 2019, the award ceremony of the Cycle Michael (Forgó Morgó) drawing competition announced in October 2018 was held. In the framework of the competition, we asked children of primary school age to make illustrations to the stories of the Is It Possible? storybook. The stories are related to water-related environmental issues, and […]