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Joining to the Association of Environmental Enterprises

APPLiA Hungary joined the Association of Environmental Enterprises as of 2019. The association held its workshop on 30-31, where new members, like APPLiA Hungary were given the opportunity to introduce themselves. APPLiA Hungary was represented by Fanni Mészáros director general. The presentation is available in Hungarian here. Visit the website of the Association of Environmental […]

Soon the first students will complete the new repairman training

The domestic appliance service technician training developed by the professional working group of APPLiA Hungary in the last years has been launched in September 2018, organized by the Member Institution of the Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and József Liska Secondary School of Jászberény (Liska Vocational School). During the academic year, the work of the students […]

APPLiA and Chuchotage

In January 2019, a whole country rooted for Barnabás Tóth director’s short film, Chuchotage, to be included in the top five short films nominated for the Academy Award. Although this did not happen, we were not sad at all, since the film was a great international success with over 20 awards, including the Future Energy […]