Awareness raising

In 2006, we launched our environmental program, the Cycle Michael campaign. The popularity of the nice electricity meter grumbling when we waste energy is increasing…

Have you heard about Cycle Michael? He is a friendly electricity meter always grumbling when we waste energy: for example, when the lamp is switched on for no use in the room or the TV is on when nobody is watching. He says at times like this:

“Haven’t I told you that your bill will be high? Who has the energy for this?

Come quick, energy is escaping!”

In 2006, we launched Cycle Michael and his emblematic environmental awareness campaign with great hopes. In the past 11 years, numerous events, school and family programs and tenders have given children and families the opportunity to learn about environmental problems and environmentally conscious behavior.

We can boldly and proudly say that Cycle Michael, the electricity meter grumbling when we waste energy, has become a prominent figure for energy saving and environmental consciousness among children and young people.

In the year 2016, Cycle Michael’s 10-year-old birthday, ”Cycle Michael on the Sea” (Forgó Morgó a tengeren)was published, in which Cycle Michael is worried not only about the electricity bill, but also about the fate of Earth and mankind: how could we use less energy, what about the lots of waste, what impact will climate change have on our future. The story is illustrated by the best 55 works of the 2015 children’s drawing contest.

The “Tales and Tasks Booklet of Cycle Michael” (Forgó Morgó mese- és foglalkoztató füzete) based on the stories, was prepared during 2017, in which creative tasks support the development of children, inspiring them to become more conscious environmentally.

In the academic year 2016/17, in line with the objectives of the circular economy, the Cycle Michael campaign also gained new impetus and gave life to the brother of Cycle Michael, Recycle Michael, who makes efforts to realize the circular economy.

In the drawing contest of 2016, primary school children were asked to draw the world of Recycle Michael, the circular economy. The understanding of the subject matter was made easier by the story titled The New Friend” (Az új barát), which continued to plot of the story of ”Cycle Michael on the Sea”. The two puzzles of Recycle Michael was created from the drawing which was awarded the first prize.

The best works of the drawing contest illustrate the new story-book published in 2018.

In addition, 6 drawings of the drawing contest have been featured on the giant Recycle Michael puzzle, which debuted on 7 May 2017, on the European Day!