Soon the first students will complete the new repairman training

The domestic appliance service technician training developed by the professional working group of APPLiA Hungary in the last years has been launched in September 2018, organized by the Member Institution of the Catholic Kindergarten, Primary School and József Liska Secondary School of Jászberény (Liska Vocational School). During the academic year, the work of the students and teachers was helped by the service managers of the APPLiA Hungary member companies (Tamás Madarász – Gorenje Hungary Kft.; László Ali – Electrolux Lehel Kft.; László Svertecki – Whirlpool Hungary Kft.; and Tibor Vadai – BSH Kft.) and a new, up-to-date professional book. Practical sessions were held by Ferenc Szentandrássy in the building of the Rimóczy Castle in Jászfényszaru with the support of the local government. The students became acquainted with the theoretical material during the classes of the director of the Liska Vocational School and the adult education specialist of APPLiA Hungary, Péter Halász and Mrs. Halászné, Szilvia Sisa. On May 21, the 11 enthusiastic and talented students took a practical test, and we are pleased to announce that all students have achieved outstanding results. The event was also attended by Tamás Madarász, the author of the book prepared for the training, who reported on these experiences with these thoughts:

“Those were some of the most wonderful days of my life! I am very proud of the students, since they completed the exam tasks excellently. It was a fantastic feeling for me to hear my own thoughts that I wrote in the book almost to the letter. I have to say that the young colleagues finishing the training, since I can now call them so rightfully, equipped with the state-of-the-art knowledge that they acquired now and their youthful momentum, will present a serious challenge and competition for the repairmen currently working on the market. I wish them to enjoy this profession at least as much as I enjoyed being involved in their education!”

For the students, the academic year ends on 31 May with the oral exam and the distribution of the certificates.

We thank the work of the colleagues of the APPLiA Hungary and its members and the teachers of the Liska Vocational School, as well as the support of Jászfényszaru Municipality, especially that of the Mayor, Mrs. Győriné, Márta Czeglédi, and last but not least the commitment of the students. Without them, this training would have not been possible.

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