APPLiA and Chuchotage

In January 2019, a whole country rooted for Barnabás Tóth director’s short film, Chuchotage, to be included in the top five short films nominated for the Academy Award. Although this did not happen, we were not sad at all, since the film was a great international success with over 20 awards, including the Future Energy and Resources award at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, which is very dear to us.

Barnabás Tóth, director at the award ceremony in Innsbruck

It is no secret now how APPLiA has been included in the film. If you are interested, the short movie filmed by the Ozone Network Revolution staff will reveal all the secrets.

Click here to watch the movie!

The movie is with English subtitles!

Barnabás Tóth, director, Andrea Osvárt, protagonist, and Fanni Mészáros, CEO of APPLiA Hungary have been considering new things ever since… 🙂