Our new storybook, Is It Possible (Lehetséges?), has been released!

On March 9, 2019, the award ceremony of the Cycle Michael (Forgó Morgó) drawing competition announced in October 2018 was held. In the framework of the competition, we asked children of primary school age to make illustrations to the stories of the Is It Possible? storybook.

The stories are related to water-related environmental issues, and they are the continuation of the previous two storybooks – Cycle Michael by the Sea (Forgó Morgó a tengeren) and Recycle Michael, the New Friend (Körforgó Morgó, az új barát).

This time, 72 beautiful children’s drawings were included in the storybook and 17 children, together with their parents and teachers, were invited to the award ceremony.

The event was recorded in a short movie by the Ozone Network Revolution Magazine staff, which can be watched here.