Then and now at APPLiA Hungary

APPLiA Hungary celebrated its 14th birthday on 21 September, 2018. Wow, so it is already 14 years… A long time.

14 years ago, on 21 September, 2004 11 representatives of the household appliance industry in Hungary signed the articles of association, at that time under the name of CECED Hungary.

By the way, we can say that we have a year with full of nostalgia, because on 21 March, CECED Hungary turned to APPLiA Hungary, in line with the renewal of our international organisation, APPLiA Europe.

So from now on, we can celebrate our birthday twice a year! It’s cool, isn’t it!

We kindly invite you to celebrate with us, and check out for our nostalgia THEN&NOW collection: two videos and two magazine articles. From the magazine that is exacly as young as us! That reported about our establishment in its first issue in 2004.

We hope you will enjoy our collection, and that you will stay with us for the next 14 years, too!